Festival 2009

The Athens Print Fest ’09 / First Edition (Printmaking Festival / First Edition) is being organized by the Greek Printmakers’ Association and the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Athens, from June 3rd to 28th, 2009, in various locations in the city of Athens.

The Festival opens officially on Wednesday, June 10th, at 20:00 at the“Melina” Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens (Herakleidon 66 & Thessalonikis Str. – Thiseion, metro station: Keramikos, tel.: ++ 30 210 34 52 150).                                                               

Besides the Greek Printmakers’ Association, the following organizations will be participating in this celebration of printmaking with exhibitions and other events: the Hellenic American Union, the Cervantes  Institute, the French Institute, the Italian Institute, the Athens School of Fine Arts, the Piraeus Municipal Art GalleryAlpha Bank, and the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation. Furthermore, for the duration of the festival the artists involved will open their workshops to the public. 



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